2008年1月16日 星期三

Twelve website's notes

Lucy's assiment



Lesson 2 : The Renaissance and the America .

Topic: Mini-Lectures in Modern History

Length: 8:39

Accent: BritishGender:

This website can help us to know the accent from different country .


I couldn't help it. They were so good!

Cindy is a little hungry. She wants to eat some cookies she bought last night, but she finds that all the cookies are gone....
John, where are the cookies? Don't tell me you ate them all! Again!

Yes, I did. I couldn't help it. They were so good.

I thought you didn't like cookies.

Well, I don't like cookies flavored with chocolate at all. But vanilla is different. I love them to death.

Huh, I didn't know that.

Well, tell you what, vanilla cookies taste even better with a glass of cold milk.

This is a easy type website, the sentences are useful in normal time.


Users develop an idea and write their own topic sentence, body, and a conclusion. The web site provides questions that help to guide users step by step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing.Completed paragraphs may be transferred to a word processing program, HTML editor, or e-mail application.

Wow , this website were quite interesting . it's can write a article to me.

This website is learning English by playing game!!


Free daily content for your website



Simple Search of BNC-World http://sara.natcorp.ox.ac.uk/lookup.html


Presentation Skill
TEN COMMANDMENTS OF CLIENT PRESENTATIONS http://www.strategiccomm.com/tencommpres.html


1. Tell a story

2. Present only what the client needs to make a decision

3. Be flexible

4. Never overestimate eyesight

5. Don't tell what it is; show what it means.

6. Deliver; don't read

7. Look and listen.

8. Act like a professional.

9. Be a person.

10. Plan ahead.

Features over 10000 online books free to the public.
All Skills and Others
English as a Second Language fun site! Learn grammar, practice English verbs, idioms, spelling conversation, and more here!
The biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet. Over 7 million articles in over 200 languages, and still growing.

The websites of learning english .


1. The International Listening Association

the professional organization whose members are dedicated to learning more about the impact that listening has on all human activity.The International Listening Association promotes the study, development, and teaching of listening and the practice of effective listening skills and techniques

2. VOA news

International news from the Voice of America (VOA), a multimedia broadcasting service in 44 languages from the United States.


3. Active listen

Techniques and strategies for being a good, active listener with individuals and in lectures.


4. English Listening Lounge

The passages are real people, speaking real English, talking about what interests them. There are passages for everyone: easy passages for beginners, and more difficult passages for advanced students. The English Listening Lounge is inexpensive and is a very effective way to learn English. If you listen often your English will improve.


5. Effective Listening

Tips and guidlines on listening. How to listen effectively



1.American Rhetoric online speech bank

full text and audio directory and database of American speeches, sermons, lectures, and interviews.


2. CNN

CNN.com delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more.


3. Englishclub

English Reading for ESL learners. This is where you'll find help to improve your reading skills.


4. Reading Is Fundamental (RIF)

Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is the nation's oldest and largest nonprofit children's literacy organization. Through RIF programs, such as the National Book ...



A free website to teach children to read. Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Contains exciting interactive books and phonics games.



1. University Online Writing Lab

The Purdue serves writers from around the world and the Purdue University Writing Lab helps writers on Purdue's campus.


2. On-line Grade Level

Committed writers use writing for a wide spectrum of practical, economic, social, personal and aesthetic purposes. Engaged writers use a language that is alive, flexible and adaptable to the highest expression of which the human being is capable.

3. Language and Learning Online – Writing

This resource is intended to help students develop skills to improve their writing at university.


4. Study Skill and Learning Assistance

About study and writing skill


5. BBC

Explore and develop your creative writing skills with the BBC.



1. Speaking- English – at- home

How to express shock in English • How to say what's important • Better English speaking skills ...


2. The effortless English Club

Improve English Speaking Fast.


3. Truth or tradition

how to speak


4. ESL-English learning

English speaking and conversation practice activities for students and teachers of ESL. Lesson plans and ideas for various levels, beginning, intermediate, advanced. Topics and fun games for language learners who want to improve their presentation and speaking skills.


5. BBC
Latest Speaking Activity


1. Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude. Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, and more!


2. Pop-Up Grammar

The Grammar & Writing Guide contains the full and quickly searchable text of the Oops Me book, with Pop-Up Definitions of grammatical terms. ...


3. Grammar Now

Grammar and composition questions answered immediately. Proofreading and editing service also offered.


4. The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

a grammar reference and workbook for grammar, punctuation, ...


5. Self-study Grammar Quizzes

Free Online English Learning: Study English with Quizzes, Tests, ... Grammar - Difficult • Grammar Quizzes about Places. Vocabulary Quizzes ...


2007年12月26日 星期三

Lucy's Travel

Lucy’s Travel Planning

1. There are __14___ countries in _____Oceania___.
They are: Australia .Papua New Guinea. New Zealand. Fiji .Solomon Island .Vanuatu .Samoa. FS Micronesia .Tonga .Kiribati .Marshal .Palau .Nauru .Tuvalu

2. I has USD $ ___2972_______ for this trip.
3A. Here is my travel plan-----A:
a. I will visit the capital city of ____2___ countries. (You have to visit at least three capital cities.) (_____________Sydney______________________________________)
b. Departure date of travel:______1/11__________________. Returning date:________1/20______
c. Itinerary: from Taipei to _____ Australia __________ to ______Australia______
d. * From Taipei to _ ______ Australia __________.
* Airlines:_________ China Airline _________________, price (one way):_245.62 U.S.__
* I will stay in ___________Sydney_________ for ___5______ nights in DE VERE HOTEL.
* Who is the current president of this country?____ Kevin Michael Rudd MP __________
* What language (s) do they speak in this country?________English__________
* Population:_ 2101000001072 _______________________________________
* Sightseeing plan: I will see _
Stunning views over Sydney Cove and Circular Quay
Cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Milsons Point - panoramic views of the bridge and skyline
Cross the Spit Bridge
Magnificent views from Seaforth Lookout over Middle Head and Pearl Bay marinas
Arabanoo Lookout - a superb panorama of the rugged Headlands and Manly
our through the northern beaches of Freshwater Bay and Curl Curl
Stop at the seaside resort of Manly, noted for its famous surf beach and Norfolk pines
* Places to eat: Restaurant name:_360 Bar and Dining Room
Restaurant address and phone number: At Centrepoint 100 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 8223 3800
Food and price:Lavender Consomme, Sea Scallops, Hawkesbury calamari and Sorrel+Slow Roated Beef Fillet, Eschallot Puree and Dauphinoise Potato

* How is the Weather?_

* From which website(s) did you find the above information. List their URLs:
_ http://www.devere.com.au/index.html
3B. Here is my travel plan-----B:
* From ______Sydney__________________ to _____ Wellington_____________.
* Airlines:__Air New Zealand___________________, price (one way):______ 255.36 U.S$_______
* I will stay in _________ Wellington ___________ for _____3____ nights in ____________.
* Who is the current president of this country?____Helen Clark__________
* What language (s) do they speak in this country?_English____________________
* Population:_5,955
* Sightseeing plan: I will see Willington’s_Lord of Rings Locations Tour
* Places to eat: Restaurant name: Matterhorn Restaurant
Restaurant address and phone number:_ 106 Cuba StWellington Central Wellington City
Food and price:_ A lovely piece of fish with a little bit of salad 17.0$
* How is the Weather?_
Max: 19°C
Min: 14°C


Cloudy periods. Strong and gusty northerly.
* From which website(s) did you find the above information. List their URLs:
5. Total cost of my trip:_1086.96______________________
My budget:__2972__________________________
Some useful Website;

2007年11月2日 星期五

my friend from chille

詩丫雨 說:
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
where is the place?
詩丫雨 說:
It's beatiful
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
very beautiful!!
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
you been there for sigh seeing?
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
oh?for what?
詩丫雨 說:
juan.a 說:
what is seeing?
詩丫雨 說:
詩丫雨 說:
sorry i'm bad in english
juan.a 說:
ok no problem
詩丫雨 說:
詩丫雨 說:
a lot
詩丫雨 說:
so why are you go to rome?
juan.a 說:

Trip to Rome, England and Spain in June
詩丫雨 說:
wow you seems a rich guy
juan.a 說:

What is your age
詩丫雨 說:
詩丫雨 說:
and tou
詩丫雨 說:
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
wow it's young
詩丫雨 說:
why can you
詩丫雨 說:
trip to so many place
juan.a 說:
Holiday trip
詩丫雨 說:
it's near chile?
juan.a 說:
Not too far from chile 12 hours of travel by air
juan.a 說:
chile is sudamerica rome is europa
詩丫雨 說:
oh really?
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
every say that europ is very romantic

詩丫雨 說:
what time is it in your country?
juan.a 說:

If I was with my family but my parents and my sisters
juan.a 說:
02:35 am
juan.a 說:
and you country?
詩丫雨 說:
1:36 pm
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
wow how strage. right?

詩丫雨 說:
it night in your country
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
and here is still day
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
what's your job?
juan.a 說:

These in your job

juan.a 說:
study in the university
詩丫雨 說:
yes i'm freshman
詩丫雨 說:
well,sorry i have a class later
詩丫雨 說:
i must be leave
juan.a 說:
詩丫雨 說:
we can talk another next time
詩丫雨 說:
juan.a 說:

2007年9月20日 星期四

Who am I?

My name is Lucy. I come from Tainan . Tainan's foods were very delicious. I love the food in my hometown.
Most of people were impress by my Chinese name. because the meaning of my Chinese were poem and rain. It’s really a romantic name.^^
My horoscope is Gemini. So sometimes I really think there is two Lucy inside my body. I like to try something new, and like adventures. But sometimes I’m a lazy person. I could just watch the view of mountain or sea for all day long. It might be strange. But I thing it’s great, I love that. ^^
Now I study in DYU University. I feel exiting but never. I believe that I would learn and knowing about something that we were never met before. I had been come to DYU for more then one week. I feel the people here were friendly and like to help others. Although I still miss my family and old friends, but I surely believe that I will have good times in DYU.